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    Question Sure loc Black Eagle

    I am interested in purchasing a Sure-loc Black Eagle. I am curious from other who have either seen or used this scope and their opinion. I specificaly am intersted if they feal the .019 drilled center hole is too small or if there is enough fiber optic on the up post if I were to go that route. Any other comments on the clarity and preferences on what power you have chosen would be greatly appreciated.

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    Default I have looked at them

    I was considering on buying one for indoors,the lenses are the finest....I like the true diopter magnifications.
    I guess if money is not really a issue buy it.The lenses for them run as much as how much the housing alone is practically,I can buy a whole classic setup for 35 dollars more housing lense and all,it also depends what size you get as well.pricey lenses.
    I shoot a classic with a.010 downpin,just set it up this way,I am starting to get aquainted with it and the relationship is working.
    The housing on the sureloc is wide open so that light can get at the fiber,I think a inclosed housing with a light setup(LP)is nice just because of the glare you can pick up outdoors on a sunny day,and if you are caught in the darkness the light is awesome.You can see the classics due to the 10 inch fiber that runs around the whole outside of the housing.
    If your just shooting indoors in my opinion it probably is the best made.It really is a matter of personal preference,who knows maybe I will break down and just by one myself.One very nice scope for sure...

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    Just an update on a purchase of a scope. I chose not to purchase this scope because of the glare issues shooting outdoors. I instead chose to purchase a scope from "classic archery products". It has a zeiss lens and is along the same line as the sure -loc. I would love to say that this was the right decision but so far it has been nothing but trouble. I have seen and shot this scope with others who own them from a achery club I belong to,so I know the quaility of this scope. The customer service from this company is by far the worst I have ever seen. I asked to have this shipped to me overnight so I could shoot in a tourney over the weekend. I have YET to recieve it and its been 6 days. After 3 I called and they said they would ship it the next day. So hear I sit no scope but they sure charged my credit card. If i dont recieve some info soon (ie tommorrow) I will cancel the order and ,dispute the charge,and then just buy the sur-loc like i should have in the first place. Sorry for rambling....

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