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    Default Refletching arrows

    I was wondering if someone in the Mason, Ohio area would be able to refletch some on my arrows for free. Or if not does Dicks Sporting Goods refletch arrows and how much is it?

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    I don't think Dicks refletches arrows. If you don't have an archery shop nearby (should only be a couple of $ per arrow), it might be a better investment to get a fletching jig (Dick's sells them or can get them) and do it yourself.
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    Default Dicks

    I know the dicks here does it they only do vanes at this one. And its like 2 dollars an arrow or 1.50 something like that usually takes them a day or so depends on the bowsmith who works on that day.

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    I suggest you buy a fletcher and learn how to fletch yourself. Nothing like doing something like that yourself. And its a fun thing to do with your kids or friends. It is a very enjoyable task when you have nothing else going on.


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