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    Default New Ultra light weight Smitrock Peep Site

    Anyone know about these? Can a few grains lighter on the peep site add 2 - 5 fps to your arrow speed? My buddy was telling me about these new light peep sites. You can see them at They look pretty cool, but, he says they'll add speed to your arrow cause there very light.

    Any experiences with this?



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    Well, I took a look and here's what I see. I see a clone of the Fletcher peep. I see a clone of the G5 peep. Either of these work just fine and have for years.

    Both are light weight. The G5, being made of machines magnesium is about as light as y7ou are going to get at around 15gr. To gain 2-5 fps this Smitty peep would have to weight nothing if comparing them to either of these two, and I don't see that happening any time too soon.

    Compared with most tube style peeps, their advertising would be pretty accurate. The one advantage I see is the matte finish, but a little shot of flat black paint on a Fletcher or G5 accomplishes the same thing, and these are available anywhere you go.

    I'm not saying it's good or bad. That's for the individual to say, but the reality is that it is, like a lot of things in stores, just more of the same.
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