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    at your course..taking your money


    Quote Originally Posted by 10s'andbetter View Post
    Help me PLEASE! How can a person stop false scoring on score cards ? It is becoming a major problem at dif. leages around the state and tourny's. And need less to say it does NOT teach our future shooters a darn thing.
    Good Help Only!!!!
    report them or dont let them score. just let them pull the arrows ! the one thing I've found about cheaters is that they will always cheat. So if you want it to stop. your gonna have to make an effort to stop them !!! thats why having to scorers clears up alot of scoring issue's. at each target make sure both have same score. And break the groups up. We have that here alittle too. groups of buddies shoot together and shoot real good. Break them up and there true talents show!
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    I have the some people do the same thing were i shoot , when i said something about it i was takein off of the web site or u get the cold sholder

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    Default Telling the TRUTH or pulling WOOL

    NO Who will benefit from him telling the truth? No-one

    It would be selfish for him to tell the truth, for him to clear his mind. He should simply learn from his mistake and treat his partner with more respect

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    point it out to the range officials that is a problem. simple if the person is caught cheating then if he refuses to correct the scores then he is disqualified from that shoot. and must leave the range for that shoot, but give him the chance to correct his err.
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    Quote Originally Posted by archerybuff View Post
    Draw for groups, no more than 2 buddies in a single group.
    2 score keepers per group, seperate cards.
    Score cards must match at the end.
    Scores called out loud.
    Must be a group concensus on score.
    That right there is a good plan, I agree make them turn in two cards for score. That should fix most cheats. That don't keep them honest well there is always plan B (kick them off the property)
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