New to the whole archery thing, trying to take after my dad who was a professional archer and stopped after shooting his 1200 FITA, so I'm looking into getting a hoyt target bow... I'll just copy and paste the ad I put on craigslist.

I am looking to buy any Hoyt Recurve Target Bow (Pro Medalist, GMX, Eclipse, Excel, etc etc) to be into archery. The newer the better, doesn't need to come with any extras but if any are included that would be excellent. Since it will be my first bow I am not looking to spend a whole lot, maybe $250 to $300. The newer the better. I am having an extremely rough time finding any kind of hoyt target bow on craigslist or ebay and I want to avoid spending $500+ on a brand new one. No compound target bows or hunting recurves please.

Some specifics I'd like the bow to be

66" is preferable
28" preferable Draw Length
35# is preferable. A little bit more won't hurt, but 45+ is pushing it.

If anyone has anything like this for sale, please send me an email.

I don't know a whole lot about bows and stuff, so try not to rip me off too much. :P