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    Default Bowtech Commander bow thoughts.

    Buddy is considering this bow used. Whats everone thoughts who has shot or owned one of these bows.
    Thanks DB
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    Cannot go wrong with any of the center pivot designs IMO. The quietest, most shock free bows i've ever shot. I absolutely love the standard factory grips on the Bowtechs also. I'd say don't hesitate if the price is right!

    I own the General and have shot the others and am considering a Sentinel sometime this year to use for 3D, but now that you mention it.....I may look for a used Commander myself and save some cash!
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    As far as Center Pivot designs go, I agree you can't go wrong. The Guardian is probably one of the best bows I've owned, and I almost regret selling it.

    It's hard for me to say on the Commander becuase the one I have is a 50lb max draw that I bought for my wife and all I can compare it to is my 70lb models. Plus, I've only shot it a handful of times, I can tell you that pulling 50lb's is a lot smoother than pulling 70lbs.

    I believe it does have a draw stop on it, which I like and is one of the only things I didn't like about my Guardian.

    I'm sure it's just like my other BowTechs and is definitely a shooter.
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    Top notch bow. Can't say enough good things about it. Make sure he gets the 2008 cams though. There is a big difference between the 2008 & 2007 cams.
    I've shot them for indoors and 3D, no complaints at all. Great grip, great brace height and plenty of speed for what I was trying to accomplish.
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    Some shooters with long draw lengths complain about seeing the cables through the peep sight. If his draw is under 30" it should be fine.
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    The Commander is a Great choice! I wouldn't hesitate to buy one in a heartbeat.

    I bought a Sentinel this year (it's 09 cousin) and I Love the way it draws, holds, and shoots.

    Very Nice indeed!!

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    I never owned one, but shot one many times. I like a longer ATA bow, and the Commander holds and shoots great. I'd own one.
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    Not sure about the 08's but i had an 07 and it did not have a draw stop. The cams had mods for the draw lenght and came from the factory with an 80% let-off. You could order an add on that would give you 65% let-off.

    Without a doubt, one of the most forgiving, smoothest shooting bows made.

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    I own an '08, & just picked up an '07.

    '08 450.00 bare bow, '07 350.00 w Vapor trail rest.

    Have not set up or shot the '07 yet, but my '08 kicks butt. Very forgiving which I need, fast, & quiet.

    I needed a 31" DL, & it has it.
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    Default 07 commander/sentinel

    Shot these bows and shoot nice. my shootin buddy shoots the 07 commander really nice. Has 50/60 limbs and backed down to 51lbs. Smooth and quiet. Good bow to buy. If gonna buy new, sentinel is really quiet/smooth. On the draw cycle if you use a drop away rest the rest pops up quick and sometimes bounces arrow. Its a shooter and dead in the hand like no other bow I have shot before. I've shot several of the newer bows out but the sentinel is my favorite for quiet and dead in the hand. Waiting to shoot a brigadier before I purchase a new bow for target. Like the longer bows for target. Brigadier is 40" and sentinel is 36 3/4 constitution is 41" I shoot connie for target. Hope this helps and keep us updated on your purchase.

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    Thumbs up

    I own the 07 model I love mines its one the the best bows I have shoot
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    You can see from my signature that I also own an '08 Commander, in Testaross. Love the bow. Do not expect to ever get another. Sometimes wonder why they continued making other models after designing & making such a great bow.

    If it's in good condition, tell your buddy to get it. I bought mine pre-owned in great condition in 2009 for $400. Haven't looked back since. If for some mysterious reason he doesn't like it, he won't have any trouble selling it. Buying this bow would be a no brainer.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MickeyBee View Post
    Not sure about the 08's but i had an 07.
    No longer true.
    Been walking past that thing on the used bow rack for about a year now.
    It looked lonely so I bought it back.

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