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    Default Diaphragm turkey call recommendations?

    I need recommendations. Gonna do some turkey bow hunting this spring. Only been turkey hunting a couple of times so no real experience yet.
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    I just bought a set of Knight & Hale beginners diaphram calls and they are the easiest to use that i have tried so far.....i stink at mouth calls so i been looking too.
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    The only thing I have learned is that it has to fit your pallet right. I had to try about half a dozen different ones before I found one that fit right. Unfortunately that can get expensive. There are tons of different sizes & reed configurations

    If it is too big, they can be trimmed. Start on the sides & trim tiny amounts until it fits.

    Some people use different calls for different sounds, some can do them all w 1 call.

    I feel it is like most stuff, you have to try a bunch until you find what works for you.

    You can also find CD's or DVD's that can explain diaphram calling. I have a primos one, & I know there are others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pilot View Post
    I just bought a set of Knight & Hale beginners diaphram calls and they are the easiest to use that i have tried so far.....i stink at mouth calls so i been looking too.
    me 2 I bought some HS Sturt everone said they was easy the knight and hales are way easy
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    Default Preston Pittman

    I just order two of them. Several of my buddies highly recommend these

    I order the diamond and excitor this weekend.
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    Quaker Boy old boss hen was the easiest mouth call I ever used. Very raspy but easy to get a wide range of calls out of it , not to pricey either.

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    I tried for a year and a half before I got it right using Primos calls.

    My 8 year old won a call at the Jake's day at the gun club and by the end of the afternoon he could do it better than me...still can't figure out how he did it so fast!
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