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    Default Bow Cam Set up on my Turkey Killing Rig!!!.

    I just bought my first ever cam. Its a Tachyon XC Extreme cam made out of texas. Its made for Action And adventure and is waterproof to 28 ft. and is Shock proof. I'm still learning this Film editing. but i'm learning. let me share some pics with you guys and gals. The cam is on my bow. Its a fixed focus with a 50 degree view. I love it.

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    Default That thing looks heavy

    That bow would weigh a thousand pounds at the end of a day on a elk hunt. I spot and stalk and it would be cool to video but to much weight for me. My bow usually weighs around 500lbs after packing it 5+ miles in mtn's chasing elk. Starts out around 5lbs and weighs 500 at the end of the day. Cool gadget!

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    people have been contacting me to show a video of the cam in a car driving at high speeds. they want to see if the cam pixelates. It never pixelayed.
    check out for more info

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    Default weight

    Went to the website. The camera only weighs 4.4 oz. Not sure how much the mount weighs, but it looks pretty nice

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    Looks good on there
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    Quote Originally Posted by hstubblefield View Post
    Looks good on there
    Thanks. I posted thses pics and video's on four Forums that i belong too. man i'm getting PM's like crazy. This outfit better make me a staff shooter!!!.

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