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    Default found 2 bows in rafters

    Hi guys I was cleaning out garage and found these in the rafters can any one tell me anything about them one is a Bear -bear hunter the other is a pearson ZB2 that one isold I would say here are some pic's

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    I have seen both of those bows before.
    They are relics but did their job back in the day.

    Cool stuff as conversation pieces.

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    thanks for the come back I kinda figured that they would be good for my daughter to start on the bear looks like it is in pretty good shape I have a few old sights around and an old wb I can through on there she cant pull mine yet but she tries she should be able to pull that bear and it will save me a little money

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    they would both make cool wall hangers..Id say preserve them, and get your daughter into a newer bow

    whats she going to think of archery if she is shooting one day and that old bow breaks?
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    Quote Originally Posted by wildjerseyfirefighter View Post
    they would both make cool wall hangers..Id say preserve them, and get your daughter into a newer bow

    whats she going to think of archery if she is shooting one day and that old bow breaks?
    first I would have it gone over .I would like to make sure she is going to stick with it before I go drop more money on a new bow that wont get used .if she shows good intrest in it I have no problem getting her a new one its just like bying a new car when you drive it off the lot you know what happens .last nite she sat down and cleaned up the bear and said it was cool she wanted it .I just spent a alot of money bringing mine back up to date so when I pick mine up I will see what they say about this one .this is what I am doing to mine
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    new alpha shox so I spent enough for right now she is going to have to wait till I get back fishing for a new bow

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    You don't see many of those Bear models. Looks like a nice small grip. If she loses interest (which I doubt ) let me know if you going to let it go. Good luck with it and hopefully she'll grow right into it.
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    I'm not sure about the Ben Pearson but I think the Bear was called the "Flare".

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    I have an old Bear Hunter it is a good bow for as old as it is. But It will be too long of a draw length for your daughter. I started my daughter with a Diamond edge good bow as a starter bow and since they have replaced them with the razors edge you should be able to pic a diamond edge up for a good price.
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