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    Default moose hunt success oct 2008

    Sorry the picutres are a little late because I couldn't find the pictures on the computer

    This moose scored:
    196 2/8
    63" spread
    36 6/8" length of right palm
    38 3/8" length of left palm
    13" width of right palm
    11 6/8 width of left palm
    11 X 11 points

    BC, Canada
    Shot with a .308 parker hale
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    I want to go moose hunting in Canada next year. I was thinking of getting a 300win mag but I do have a .308 win. Did the .308 do the job quick and clean? That sure is a big bull. I am sure you must have a freezer full of meat. Congrats again.

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    I have a .308 as well, I shot a moose with 180 grain windchester, and dropped in in 10 yards. flipped on its back and started kicking, dead within a minute

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