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    Default How Much practice is good or ya??

    Iam 47 years old and i was wondering how many day of the week a person should practice, how many arrows should you shoot. Iam retired so i have the time. but i do get fatigued sooner LOL. I competed 15 years ago and now that i have hung up my gun & badge if have time again, but for some odd reson it not as easy as it was before Hmmmmmmm but its coming back.

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    Default Good rule

    Practice as much as you can and when you feel your getting tired stop.

    Practice perfect shots. Making each shot count for something.

    I keep score evertime I practice.

    I often shoot 30 to 40 arrows everday. Days off Ill shoot twice a day. My shoulders wont allow much more.

    Its about making practice fun and productive.
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    It depends on where you want to go with your archery.

    If you want to be a competent shot for hunting, 3 or 4 days a week, 30 to 40 arrows a day will keep your muscles and skills in shape.

    If you want to compete in FITA Target archery where 144 arrows are shot in a day, you will have to build up your endurance to at least that, and most would advise a lot more.

    Preparation for other types of competitions will require different amounts & types of practice.

    DB is right, only keep shooting only as long as you can execute perfect form. It really is more important than being able to shoot a lot of arrows. You can gradually build up to a high volume of arrows. It's much harder to keep from developing bad habits, especially if you continue to shoot when you are tired.

    It seems that I can develop a bad habit in about 3 arrows, but a good habit requires many thousand arrows to ingrain. So the concept of perfect practice does work.

    Also, listen to your body. Pain is it's way of telling you that it is being pushed too hard. The older we get, the slower our muscles, tendons & ligaments recover from stress. It's a lesson that I've learned the hard way.

    Good luck,

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    47 and your retired......

    lucky you.

    I shoot everyday, when it turns into work it's time to give it a break.

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    Alont with what the others have said maybe you should back off on the weight a bit. Remember, you're seentially starting over and have to REdevelop the muscles that do the shooting. To develop the correct muscles memory you have to be able to shoot without having to muscle the bow.
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    I got to retire at 48 and then got a divorce at 56 and went back to work. I'm about ready to try it again at 62. It's got to be good practice if I go out and I'm shooting bad I go in to the house and not practice bad habits. Before a big target or 3 D tournament I would not shoot for a couple of days before. Some of the best score I every shot is when I haven't been shooting much. Some times I will shoot almost every day it depend on time, weather and how good I'm shooting. I was able to travel around to shoots all over the states once. When I had good money coming in, was sponsored and shot pro. Now I'm down to just local 3D shoots. I'm still shooting good and win most of them around here, but I'm having fun and some times I run into one of the old guys that I have shot with for the last 40 years as a little bonus. It's fun to go to a local shoot and get in a group of young guys that talk about how good they are and about how great there equipment is and heres is this old fart me that just blow ed them all away on the range.

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    after I got my bow, i was out almost every day after work shooting,tuning,shooting

    I had scheduled my bow test for last weekend, so I knew I had to practice anyways...Turns out all that practice helped me out in the long run.

    I passed my bow test(so i can bow hunt this fall),im building muscle in my shoulders AND taking in the great outdoors as I practice. I cant even count the amount of deer ive seen this past month, must be well over 60 deer(which I didnt see during gun season )

    If nothing else, you said your retired, think of shooting as excersize
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    I shoot two sessions daily (weather permitting). I try to shoot 30 shots
    during each session. At 57 and being broken up (wish I had taken care of
    myself when I was younger) my body will sometimes tell me when to stop.
    I like to shoot early in the morning and shortly before dusk.

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    Here's a hunter's perspective. I shoot pretty much every day now that I'm laid off. 3-5 day's a week when I'm working. I'm a serious bowhunter that shoots a little 3D to help judge distance. I find it VERY important to practice in any weather or conditions I plan to hunt in. I hunt mostly elevated, so I get up in my backyard 28' practice treestand at least monthly throughout the year and several times a week in the couple months leading to bow opener. I also practice with any clothing I plan to hunt in, especially gloves and headware. I get up in my practice tree when it's windy, rainy and snowy to make sure what my shooting limitations are in all weather. I'm almost 50 and I do a little toning with light weights and biking. I'll shoot at least 24 and sometimes 200 or more arrows a day depending on how I feel and how much time I have. Have fun, I do.

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    I practiced when time allows, usually 20-30 arrows and that's on and off throughout the week.

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    A good friend and great shooter once told me 10 well shot arrows a day is all you need. Of course I never listen and usually shoot too many and then develop bad habits.


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