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    Default PSE Nova Rf, set at 40#, can i change it to 60??

    i just received a PSE nova RF for my birthday and its set at a 40# draw weight. i took it into a local Archery store and the guy said i couldn't do anything to crank the draw weight from 40 to 60lbs. what are my options??!! any advice would be great, thanks

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    Default Please note I have never seen the nova

    Well I'd take it to another bowshop and get a second opinion. The PSE website clearly states it has 20lbs of adjustment without a bowpress.

    Unless the limbs have been changed from the original stock ones I'd say just screw in the limb bolts all the way and then back them out both equally until desired draw length has been achieved, But not more than 4 complete turns

    Here is the website for reference

    I'm also assuming you are talking about the Nova SU, because the PSE website has nothing on "Nova RF".

    You may also want to consult your owners manual or call PSE up.

    Hope that helps,
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