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    Default gold trip pro hunter arrows

    I currently shoot Gold tip xt hunter arrows, never had a problem with them but recently seen the gold tip pro hunter arrows with a tolerance of .001", ANyone shoot them ...they are a little more pricing but if they are worth the money i will take a stab at them!

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    These are good arrows. If you like them stick with them. I have been impressed with their straightness and durability.
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    I have a few laying around. they are very very nice... but I honestly doubt that most people could tell a difference in grouping. the .002 difference in straightness between the Pros and the Hunters is so minute its crazy.

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    I agree. No need to spend all that money. Your XT's are supposedly straight to .003" and that's the full length of the shaft. When cut shorter some of the "bend" is cut off leaving you with a straighter shaft yet, so they're nearer to .002" anyway.

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