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    Default What's the diameter of PSE x weave pro 200?

    Hello all,
    Been looking to get some new arrows.
    Went on PSE's site and cannot get info on the diameter of their arrows.
    If anyone has some of these arrows and a micrometer, would you please post back?
    ...don't want to shoot logs!
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    Well, the inside diameter is .246", the same as most other common carbon arrows so the outside would probably be the same, too, and that would be around .295". Within a couple thousandths they're all the same. That's why almost any Uni-nock fits almost any shaft.
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    I don't have the measurements for you, but my bow came with them and I can assure you you are far from shooting "logs" with those ones
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    Default good arrows

    I just mic'd mine and the OD is right at .2845-.285. That is the Comp Pro 200.
    I have shot them for years for 3-D. They are a pretty tough and good flying arrow. Groups real well. I have 1.8 3D duravanes with 83 grains in the front.

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