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Thread: trail cam pix

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    Default trail cam pix

    I hope this is I the proper form im new here and did not see a trail camera section. I m posting a few trail camera pictures from the past few months I hope you like tem

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    wow nice pics

    Is that albino a buck or doe? Hard to tell from the pics

    Also does your camera flash or anything? Seems most deer are looking right at it
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    Nice piebald, is it hanging around? If so, I think I would be trying to take it this fall. Any luck on those turkey's yet this year?

    Nice pics by the way.
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    Great pictures, thanks for sharing them. Have you seen the piebald in the fall with other deer close by. I've always heard they get shund.
    I honestly don't know if I would take the piebald. I know for sure I would not
    take a true albino (has to do with my belief).
    When I saw the turkeys - it felt like I could reach out and grab one
    If you can - keep posting pictures.

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    Ohhh I would love to get a crack at a piebald.
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