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    Default Bowhunter superstore - just lost another customer

    After reading several posts on several websites about their services, I continued to trust they maybe were isolated incidents until now.

    In a nutshell order placed and their website re-routes me without any confirmation message, I'm thinking the website didn't take the order so I re-order. The next day I receive and email stating my order was cancelled due to an issue with my card, so I re-order. No phone call or email and I see I've been charged twice so I call BHSS and without a breath she says "you'll have to pay to ship the extra package back". Now I paid $10 shipping twice & $5.60 to return the box (a $5.60 sticker was on the box when they sent it so they made a $5 profit additionally in shipping TWICE!) and now after a week I call to check the status of my refund and her response is she is unclear of the note I left in the package (she was unclear but didn't call or email me a week after receiving my returned package). Also, I can't get a refund, only a store credit even though they botched the deal and she told me a refund would be issued after I paid for shipping the box back to them.

    Now here's the kicker, I call back and place an order for substitue items for my store credit and she says, "you're going to have to pay for shipping on these items" and I remind her it was their website that botched the order and noone had the professionalism to call and clarify my purchase so her words are "I'll let it slide this time, but if it happens again you'll have to pay the shipping cost".

    Let's see that would have been roughly $30 in shipping for $30 worth of items, well you live and you learn. If you fool me once, shame on you, if you fool me twice shame on me. BHSS won't have to worry about a next time with me!

    I know some have no problem with them, but I have given them the benefit of the doubt until now and I'm very easy to get along with. There was never an attempt on their part to make this right and keep a customer who has over the course of the last 2 months spent >$700.00 at their business. In this day and age it is not the time to lose customers, unfortunately some have to learn the hard way.

    Sorry for the rant, but it really struck a nerve!
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    i wonder if this is the same bhss thats on Ebay? If so, ive ordered lots of stuff from them, and never had a problem?

    Sucks it happened to you thou..Ive been there before
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    You paid by Credit Card.. open a dispute w/ your CC Co.

    BHSS will have those disputed charges put on hold and they must then prove to the credit card Co that they did not screw up, which they cannot do.

    Bottom line you get a refund that is due to you and they get nothing extra, and it starts a "paper trail" on them w/ the credit card Co.'s, if they get enough of them they will get their merchant account pulled.

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    You should have bought from Lancaster Archery.

    But, I guess you got a "Good Price", huh?

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    It goes back to what I've been saying for a long time now. Customer service is dead. Seems like no retailers give a south side of a north bound rat about the customers anymore. Whatever happened to "the customer is always right?"
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    That is why I shop local if I can. I want to be able to get my hands around someones neck if they don't do the right thing. I think email and phone allows people to be detached.

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    Amen for buying local. I may pay a bit more at a local bow shop, but I know that if something goes wrong the will not only fix it, they will bend over backwards to make it perfect. Saving $10-20 just doesn't compare with that kind of service.
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