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    Default Things I liked from the ATA Show

    I thought I would post some news from our trip to the ATA show.

    I believe one of the hot new items will be the smaller Quikspin vanes. One of the problems with the 4" vanes is the fact that they are really heavy.
    Supposedly the smaller ones weigh in at about 3 grains each.

    The test they had there showed how the smaller vanes actually spin faster than the bigger ones. The 2.3" spun faster than the 4" and the 1.8" spun faster than the 2.3"

    Pretty neet test because we were able to test straight vanes, offsets, feathers, etc.
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    Default The neatest things

    I saw the Martin girls,ha,ha.
    I thought I was the greatest thing there,anyways,the new quickspins were totally awesome spinning faster than ever on that lil windtunnel thingy alright....
    They come out in april and I am sure we will be the very first to try them out,I am sure.....of this.
    I also got to shoot all the bows except the martins...I was so impressed with the bowtechs line,I went back and shot them again.
    I think that I will also try the few new broadheads out and test them later this summmer,One by rocky a 3 bladed snyper really looked good,another by nap,and the other is a secret.
    Double bulls new blind was cool.
    The new alpen binoculars 8.5x50 were impressive.
    Carters new spring system in there releases is nice,They haven't released there new 2.75,but I ordered one just for the hay.
    Carbon express has some new arrows out,a hunting shaft that is suppose to be very tough called maxima,and cxl select2's.As well as Goldtips 30x's.
    I saw the drury bros.and met randy ulmer over lunch...kinda...all in all there is so much coming out that really it's hard what to enlist here.
    But,hopefully next year I can get some more signatures...and I will to bring a box of 100 dollar bills to spend.
    I was lost in paradise....thanks Obsession.

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