R&W Archery is now providing vanes from norway! We have fusions, predators, duravanes, adhesives, and more! For string suppressors, you will have to PM us. We have various colors show and thousands of them! Over 12 thousand! We take paypal or MO. We also mix colors so please specify if you want mixed colors! There is no fee for paypal for paypal users. We ship first class for vanes. ALL PRICES TYD!

Paypal: phoenixkniight@yahoo.com
MO: PM us

Fusions: (red, white, blue, orange, yellow, black, green)

100pk $17
50 pk $10
36 pk $8

Predator: (flo red, flo yellow, flo green, white, flo orange)

100 pk $11
50 pk $7
36 pk $5

Duravanes 3",4",5" (white, flo orange, flo yellow, lime green)

100pk $10
50 pk $6
36 pk $5

3-D 1.8", 2.3" (black, white, lime green, flo orange, flo yellow)

100pk $20
50pk $11
36 pk $8

2.2 gm pipettes (2 each pack)


If we do not reply back within an hour, please email us at r_warchery@yahoo.com TO GET AN INSTANT RESPONSE! We will try to check in every few hours.