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    Default Bowtech Admiral vs. Diamond Iceman by Bowtech

    I am looking at buying an new bow and have decided on one of these two bows. If I understand correctly they are basicly the same bow but the Bowtech has bianary cams and the Diamond has a single cam. Is that correct and if anyone has shot these bows I would like your comments and which one you prefered. Also if there are other differences. In the specs of each bow they list the Iceman as being a little faster that does not make sense to me because I thought the dual cams were faster, take the Monster By Mathews.

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    Default For myself

    Admiral would be my choice.
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    The Admiral will be faster plus you get better nock travel from the binary cam. They are very similar though.
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    Default Bowtech

    Two cams are better than 1

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    Disagree with the above posts. I shot both side by side today. The Admiral has a much harsher draw. Iceman was silky. They both offer center pivot. The difference in the two regarding speed is only a couple of fps...give me the Iceman any day.

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