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    diesel mechanic on a budget.... 09 PSE stinger NI.... 26" draw length... bought new from cabelas.... came with whisker biscuit, sight, quiver... when i bought the bow, it had a release loop on it, so the draw length was 25"... and i was shooting 2117 easton game getters.... 24.5 inches... bow weight is 70# i had it chronographed... it was 220 FPS... i got rid of the factory peep, replaced with a round surez a peep... and eliminated the release loop.... gained an inch draw length, and with the same 2117 was shooting 229 fps.... im an ebayer.... did my homework, and bought easton x7 2312..... also got a pse 2inch overdraw with the 2 points the arrow rests on... not sure what thats called.... i cant afford carbon arrows... got the 2312s cheap... want to use nibbs for 3d, and set 4 arrows with inserts so i can screw in broadheads.... what is the best nibb to offset a 4 inch straight offset fletch? not going with helical, just a 4 degree i believe? i will hunt with 100 grain, but was thinking 70 grain nibbs for 3d? please shoot me advice... keep in mind, short draw length, even smaller budget

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    First all


    I 'm not sure I understand the question??

    My advise is....speed doesn't win 3D, or does it kill critters.

    You time would be better spent trying to improve your form, judging yardage, and accuracy.

    Those are things money can't buy.

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