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    Default Would Fred Bear liked the internet?

    He trailed a path for us in his days here on earth.

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    I would have to say that I doubt if he would have. He was a remarkable man and a true bowhunter. I totally agree with him in the video you presented. Thanks DB.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Boone View Post
    He trailed a path for us in his days here on earth.

    I have to think that he would have liked it. I think that he was all about bringing all bowhunters together as a community and expanding the sport of bowhunting to others which is kind of what the internet does. The internet is used to educate all manner of people as to the benefits of our sport and what it can do for wildlife conservation. What I don't think he would have liked was all the in-fighting that occurs on some forums. It's ok to discuss, argue and disagree, but when it degenerates to name calling and the such it turns sad in a hurry.
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    He would be slammed for taking some of the shots he took.

    but to answer your question, I doubt he would have cared for it, he seemed quite simple.

    not one to get caught up in the hoopla.
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    If fred Bear was on here telling his stories on hunting, some of the people on here would call him out on the shots he took and the distace he shot animals at and saying they had a buddy that new the whole story and what not.

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    When would he have had time?
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    Unhappy No way would he like it !

    He himself would be the first to admit that you can't hunt critters in front of a : boob tube (rounded or flat ) .

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