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    Default Which hunting blind?

    I am looking at buying a hunting blind for this season. I can buy an Ameristep Stackhouse for around 100 bucks, but it comes in "Tangle" camo. The alternative is "Mossy Oak Break-up," but it is about 20 bucks more. Does it matter? Have any of you used an Ameristep blind? What do you think? I don't really want to pay 300 bucks for a double bull, so any thoughts would be appreciated.
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    I bought an ameristep outhouse for my son last year and he did'nt use it so this year I am going to give it a try. I set it up and it looks pretty nice in the woods. Time will tell I like the idea of being able to move it around with me only take a few seconds to setup or take down. Good luck


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    I would at least get the higher end Ameristep blind, should still be under $200, I think?

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    Default Blind

    Last year me and my brother-in-law found a good spot on our property that we had not put a stand on yet. We set up the ameristep doghouse blind about 20 yards away. That same afternoon I set the blind and took a nice 7 point. So, I would say that they work pretty good. Although that location is the only place we ever used one. I considered getting another one so I can bow hunt for turkeys this year..

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