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Thread: arrow fletching

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    Default arrow fletching

    i bought some shafts on ebay, they already have nocks, and nibbs installed, but they are 2 long... can a local archery place cut these if i fletch them, or should i leave them unfletched? also, will they beable to remove the target point nibbs?

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    If they are aluminum, no problem getting the nib out with heat. If they're carbon, it may be a little trickier depending on what glue was used. How much too long are they?
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    they are x7 eclipse 2312.... aluminum... to long by about an inch and 1/2

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    At your draw length, these might spine better for you if you leave them a little long. I also have a short DL. I can shoot fat shafts for indoor, but a weeker spine usually works better for outdoor.

    It's easy enough to cut aluminums. You can even do it yourself with a tubing cutter.

    It won't matter about the fletching for cutting them. They won't interfer with a shop's arrow saw.

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