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    Default Trophys lets see yours bet mine is bigger!!!

    This is an Aoudad goat.. Biggest one in the world in 2007 Texas exotic game awards..
    Got all kinds of awards for him and invited to all sorts of rich people banquets.

    Base 19 3/4 in on Circumference
    Lenght 33 3/4 in
    Tip 2 1/2 in Circumference
    He was massive......

    Have him mounted on my wall for free from the Texas exotic game awards.
    Shot him in Presidio Texas on the Big Bend Ranch NOT A HIGH FENCE OPEN...

    shot him from little less than 75 yards... Here is how that happened.
    so it is getting close to dark, there is this one mountain that I can see I figure if I go up there I could sit and watch a few other mountain sides. Ok, I start to climb this mountain while climbing I start to notice trails and dropping on the ground. Well the sun is at my back and pretty low now also the wind is in my face some what. So, I climb the mountain and shot for the saddle (a place between tow peaks) of the mountain. when I reach the top there is about 100yards of terrain and then a cliff. as I get closer to the cliff a huge animal stands up the goat. Holy crap he is huge I am now less than 75 yards away he cant see me I am in the sun or smell me (wind in my FACE) so he starts to WALK off I whistle he stops I drop him with ONE shot from a SAKO 270 dont remember the grain of bullet.. Where I took the picture is where he drop. Also, keep in mind I was 17 at this time. So no I was not in a truck I walk all over the dam place for this trophy SO yes I still call myself a real hunter..............
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    Default Nice trophy for sure

    Diffiantly a bruiser there.
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    Congrats on the trophy Auodad! He's certainly bigger than any that I've taken here in Illinois.

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    Thinks guys I am not trying to be ****y I just want to get peoples interest on the thread and usually if you try this approach it works.
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    Congrats , would have been cool with a arrow. Either way thats a trophy.
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