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    Default Favourite archery book

    hi frenz....

    as per your opinion which pone is your favorite archery book that has helped you a lot improving your skills...????

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    Core Archery by Larry Wise......thats easy


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    Default my first and favourite

    hi all...

    Archery Anatomy by Ray Axford
    has been my first book on archery and is by far my favorite.. it helped me a lot... hey which one is your peter????

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    Default thanks for posting..

    hi all....

    my favourite book on archery is Archery Steps to Success by Kathleen Haywood. I found it on internet and has been a great help....
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    Default great question

    I only read one book about archery and it stuck with me when i was a kid and first picked up a bow. its primitive and old school but the basic's of archery are there...the archer's bible by fred bear.loved the guy and his book.thxs for asking

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