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Thread: Fred Bear G2 SL

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    Default Fred Bear G2 SL

    At 3 lbs, 300 fps IBO speed and 30" axle-to-axle, the G2SL is the shortest, lightest and quietest Buckmasters we've ever built. Take it from 100,000 serious bowhunters, who own and shoot a Buckmasters, the G2 series is all about performance and perfection whether you're stalking game in the field or perched in a tree stand.

    Backed by Papa Bear's pledge to build quality products, The Fred Bear Equipment Company has engineered a superior, high performance bow with the G2SL, fine-tuning the popular Buckmasters series to legendary status.

    Consider these exceptional features:

    * Sims Stealth Limb Savers uses patented Dacay Time Modification technology and our proprietary NAVCOM material providing optimal noise and vibration reduction.
    * Shock Stop system cancels noise and vibration by as much as 40%.
    * High-tech, precision-machined aluminum titanium riser guarantees strength and superior accuracy.
    * Revolutionary, patented CarbonAir Quad limbs, the quietest, fastest and most durable limbs available.
    * Limb damping system featuring high-tech, vibration-eliminating polymer pocket insert.
    * Buckmasters Modular Perimeter OneCam for 300 fps IBO speeds, 75% Let-Off.
    * Smooth, friction-free ball bearing idler wheel.

    Competitively priced from just $499, the G2SL is sure to make a lot of noise within the bowhunting community-- probably the only sound you'll hear from this exceptionally quiet bow is raves from your hunting buddies.

    Buckmasters G2SL SPECIFICATIONS:
    * Draw Length 27" - 29"
    * Optional modules allow for draw length adjustment
    * Draw Weight 50-60 and 60-70 lbs
    * Let-Off 75% (Optional modules allow 65% let-off)
    * Brace Height 7 1/2"
    * Axle to Axle 30"
    * Mass Weight 3 lbs
    * Limbs Compression molded CarbonAir Quad
    * Riser Machined Aluminum
    * Cam Modular Perimeter OneCam
    * String TechTwist
    * Grip Checkered hardwood
    * Camo Realtree Custom Hardwoods

    * Bow Speed IBO fps: 300 AMO fps: 228

    A 2006 model with 31" draw, 70#. Used only one season then replaced. Bare bow, no accesories except limb savers as well as the factory dampeners. In great condition with some string/cable wear but still usable for several more seasons before they need replaced. Looks great, pictures available upon request.

    Asking $165, buyer pays actual shipping.

    Great deal
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    Default looking for a bow

    u still have this bow?

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    Default sold

    sorry folks, this bow has been sold

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