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    Default First Dakota Archery Classic (NFAA)

    Congrats to all the champions! Reo Wilde, Jamie Van Natta,
    Tomm Pruitt....and all the rest.

    This was a very enjoyable shoot with perfect weather. The format was to shoot 4 ends (5 arrows each) at 40, 50 and 60 yards. The target was the based from the 92 cm target face with an "x" center, gold 10 and 9 rings, red 8 and 7 rings and a blue 6 ring. A perfect score would be 600 points each day.

    Reo shoot a 1189 droping only 11 points in two days of shooting. The 9's he had on day one were so close they would have been 10's had he been shooting even a NAA legal 23 arrow. Dave Cousins was right on Reo's heels untill the very last end. These guys really can take the heat as every arrow on day two was essentially a "shoot-off" arrrow. 80 degrees in the sun and they never seened to even sweat! Nearly everyone was shooting x10's, acc's and Nano's for fear of the expected howling winds of the plains.

    The format was a lot of fun to shoot. The folks in Yankton are very friendly and made the shooters feel at home. I'll be back next year and hopefully more of my 3-d buddies will come as well.

    Jesse Broadwater was the last man standing in the shoot-off for the car. This is the second car he has won. Good shooting, you are the man! Several very good shooters went out on the first shot at 10 yards as they didn't have marks for that range. On the other side of the coin, there were a couple ametuers that made it until the last arrow before Jesse slammed the door shut on them at 45 I believe. (don't quote me on the 45, the excitement of the game precluded me from taking note of the exact stake we were on.

    All you must do to qualify for the car shoot is participate in a three legs of the NFAA's spot shoots: Vegas, Loiusville and Yankton. There were a couple youth shooters that hung for the first 3 or four arrows!

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    Now that's cool, youth shooters in the mix for a couple arrows. Can you imagine winning a brand new car for your first one?

    I need to make it up there to shoot in Yankton one of these years, it's by far the closest national shoot to me.

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