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Thread: 1st Deer??

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    Far fetched? Maybe.
    But has anyone considered the posibility of taking two deer standing abreast with the same arrow?

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    Default 1st deer

    Started bowhunting at 13 first harvest 14. I still hunted a small timber, probably actually walked I was only 14, anyway it was windy into my face thank god. I found 6 does laid up on a ridge. I got up the about 20 yards and they stood up. I placed the first lincoln log 2217 launched with a large arch out of my onieda tomcat II through the heart and the deer actually ran at me and past me gushing blood at about five yards and fell fifteen yard behind me. My knees had to shaking so hard they were banging against each other. The second deer had followed the first to about 12 yards!!!! She watched the other deer kicking which allowed me to knock an arrow. The second tree trunk slid behind the shoulder high and wiped out both lungs. This deer did run away from me, along with the others. I recovered this deer about 70 yards away. I have been hooked on deer ever since.

    I never tried a double before. I did see my dad stick one turkey and into the next, recovered both. I tried to head shoot a doe deer one time while it was licking it's side. Worked well since it moved it's head when I shot (when I just missed) I hit her in the back of the lungs.
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    My first deer was a 5 point buck back in 1981.

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    First deer was a 100 class 8 pt, came in about 5 yds. That was when I was 18, Now it looks like I will be hooked for the rest of my life. Have not picked up a rifle since. I also figured that deer kept me out of a lot of trouble. B/C I did a whole lot more hunting and a lot less partying after that.

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    Default my first bowkill

    almost afraid to say this for fear of making people mad, but my very first bowkill was in 2003. I was 16 yrs old at the time. It was a 4 1/2 year old buck that grossed 151" and netted 142 6/8". So obviously i was hooked, my first bowkill made it into the state record books. haven't been able to shoot anything but a couple of does since then. its been my fault, ive always had an opportunity, just misjudged yardage or some other thing like that, but i really practiced that this year at 3D shoots and such, plus i have a new bow and setup this year, so im real confident. bow season opened yesterday here in iowa, but i wont be hunting until friday night or saturday. good luck to all, shoot straight
    2005 Hoyt Vtec 28/70

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