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    Default your arrow set ups

    I want to see pics of your 3d arrow set ups. I'm mostly trying to see what you are using for nocks and vanes. If there is a thread about this elsewhere somebody point me the way. I couldn't find it in a search.

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    I don't have any pics of my arrows, but I am using the 1.5" Vane tec's and easton super 3-D nocks and uni-bushing on Victory HV 22's
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    Fusions & G nocks.

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    Don't have pics either but I use X-Ringers with Rayzer feathers and the Victory pin nocks

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    No pics either, but I shoot advanced hunter class and use Gold tip 22s with easton uni bushing and G nocks with all black blazers.
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    I don't have pics either but my 3-D arrow set up is

    Carbon Express CXL SS 250 @ 27 3/4"
    Flo green mini Blazers
    80 grain Fatboy points
    CXL nocks w/Bulldog nock collars
    Total arrow weight 318 grains


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    I donít have any pictures close up but my arrow setups for 3D are

    Gold Tip Triple Xs, 4 vanes per arrow and the size - Vane Tec HP 1.5s and Pin Nocks screaming at a even 300 fps. from a Apex 7

    Gold Tip Pro 22s using 4 Vanes per arrow Tec HP 1.5s and Pin Nocks again, screaming along at a even 350 fps from a Monster

    I like the Pin Nocks for protecting the back of my arrows it saves on maintenance and replacement cost, pin nocks are great but once in a while you still can take on some damage.

    The Vane Tec Vanes being used are very rigid and can handle the high speed without laying back thus controlling the arrow better, as well as taking hits pretty well another thing I have had great luck with theses as far as fletching them up Ė very good glue bond as far as fletch to shaft adhesion.

    Just something I use and depend on that works well for me.
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