Shooting average scores lately,I seem to find myself getting very frustrated and discusted with my ability to hold steady on the bullseye.I also fire off a shot when not even on the center,and I punch the trigger instead of squeezing or putting tention on it.I shoot better with pins and a caliper than with my target setup.I just am getting started by getting serious and find it really hard to stay in this realm of guys who outshoot me everytime I go to a course.
I know I am a very excellent shot and I use to have my day where noone could outshoot me,but for the last 6 months even with the bomb setup on my bow I struggle to place in the middle.This scope comp thing is almost for the birds I feel,but I guess I can't give up,I just am in a real mental rut or phase of some sort,any suggestions on mental positive shooting?