I am considering a new Mathews bow. I plan to use the bow primarily for 3-d and maybe a little bit of dot shooting. I will be shooting fixed pins this year, but may go to a scope in the future. Here is my delemia- I have shot several LX bows and loved them, shot great groups with them(my best ever I believe), however I think that the longer Ovation, with more brace height may be a more forgiving bow. I normally set up to shoot in the low 280s so I do not think that speed will be a big issue for me, as I believe I can get the speed from both bows. Here is the real kicker, none of my local dealers has and Ovation for me to try out. I am afaraid to buy without shooting first, so does any one have any suggestions, or opinions on the two bows? And now the switchback! should I consider it. I have shot it, and while I didn't group as tightly as I would have hoped, the bow is the smoothest thing I have ever fired.