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    Default Awesome footage here.

    This is a member from Elite forum that just happened.

    One lucky guy. Hits a deer with his motorcycle.
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    That there is one lucky guy....
    Mike "Javi" Cooper

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    Wow, you aint kidding.
    FBSA Member

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    That was incredible! If he has 9 lives he just used 1.
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    Wow, very lucky he didn't go down. The bike can be fixed but your body takes a lot longer to heal.
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    I hope he bought a lottery ticket. I thought it was a dead deer in the road at first. Wow unbelievable.
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    Yet another good example for the need of hunting to control deer population.

    Among other things, what PETA etc fail to realize, if we didn't have hunters controlling their numbers, every hiway system we had would be useless and there'd be an auto/body repair shop on every block.


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