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    Default Specialty Super Ball Peep Kit

    Anybody using the peep kit that allows you to change apertures? Just wondering if it's worth it. You can change sizes to fit the light conditions.
    I never did get an answer about "lizard tongues" on fixed rests. Does the fletch pass through like a prong style rest, or do you rotate your nock so the fletch passes to either side?

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    either side on a blade...

    Yes on the peep
    Mike "Javi" Cooper

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    I ve never purchased the kit cause I was to cheep, but in the last couple of years I ve ended up with almost all of them anyways. I should of got the kit in the first place. Probably would of saved me money and I'ld have a handy dandy case to put them in instead of the old sandwich bag that I have my peeps in now.

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    Well worth the money

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    Have one on each bow.

    Just a little tip, if you put one on a Monster while doing your initial setup, don't put off till later to tie it in.... it makes for a really expensive "oops" if you're outside


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    On the Lizard tongue----**** vane up. Hen vanes straddle to the side.

    On the peep---I've had the kit for nearly 15 years. It's OK, but I also use G5 and Fletcher peeps. I have probably a dozen.
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