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    Default why is the first shot so tough??

    Ok this is the second year in a row that ive had a misshap on my first shot on a deer, last year had a small 3x4 come out at 17 yards, dialed him in, everything was almost just right, sqeezed off the shot, and bamn, my hat flys off my head and their was a loud noise, and my ears hurt like....... you know.... My bowsting cought one of the flappy leaves on my face mask....i dont use it any more....... all i can say is it about tore my ears off, was loud and scared the heck out of me, the deer just jumped and looked around and went back to feeding but didnt give a good second shot...... tonight, had a nice nice 4x4 come in right to me, biggest deer ive ever had a shot when he started to come out into the clearing, ranged at 35 yards.... i was drawn, had him dialed but he wouldnt stop... so i yelped at him, still wouldnt stop, so i yeapled really good, after 2 more good yells, he stoped, well my sight window was in the clear, but the second half of the y where my tree stand sits was not. arrow cought the tree about 1/4 in on the bark... about 18 inches in front of me, saw the arrow go about 4 or 5 feet behind the deer..... i was glad it was a total miss and didnt hit him in the leg, or guts or something, but i was super super mad about the shot. If only he would have stopped 1 step sooner!! But thats what bowhuntings about! The what ifs!!! anyone else got and good MISS storys???

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    Ouch, that must have hurt. You must have a kisser button on your string. I can't think of any other way to catch the face mask with the bow string.

    Yep, that's bowhunting. Now you know why it is so gratifying when you finally shoot one with a bow.
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    damb I have another 45 days till bow season.....this sucks.....
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    nope no kisser on my string, the mask had like fake leaves on it, when the string hit it, the string must have wraped itself around one of the was quiet a deal, thought it tor my ears off.... Geez 45 more days!!!! bowseason will be done here, but we can bow hunt during gun season, just got to wear orange, and watch out for the gun hunters...

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