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    Default PSE x-force gx shooting problems

    I have a 09 xforce gx and am shooting all over. I have a octane hostage rest and am shooting gold tip pro hunter 7595 (400s). If anyone could let me know if that is a good or bad set up. I don't know if the rest is wrong for the speed of the bow or the arrows are the problem.

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    Gonna need more info to try and help you out. Describe all over the place.

    What is your
    draw weight
    draw length

    Arrow length and tip weight???

    You should be able to get it tuned with a little work.

    How much archery expirence do you have???
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    Agreed. Need bow weight, draw length, arrow length, point weight, etc.

    Oh yeah, and for your info the 7595 is a .340 spine, not .400.
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    Default sorry for the lack of info

    I have been bow hunting for 11 years. I have been shooting a pse infinity this hole time and decided to make the move to a more up to date bow. The bow has a 6" brace height, My draw length is 28", I am using 100 grain tips, the bow is set at 70lbs, and the arrows are cut at 28 1/2". My groups are roughly in the 6-8" area.
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    One thing for sure is your mass weight is completely different. Be sure and set the bow up close to the weight of your last and see if this helps with the hold. Most people dont realize that mass weight is one of the biggest ways to get the bow to hold like a rock.

    The arrow set up should be fine. I just wonder if your rest is dropping out of the way fast enough?

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