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    Default Whisker biscuit vs Hostage pro

    Hi im looking to put a captsure rest on my bow im looking at either the whisker biscuit or the hostage pro. Dose any one have any suggestions or opinions on either rest any help on making a decision would be very helpful .Thanks

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    Default hostage pro stuff

    I have shot all these rest and like the hosage pro the most but the brushes wear out fast like 200 arrows and you'll be adjusting your sites and everything else. I've been told they have new brushes out and supposed to last longer like 1500 arrows before replacement. If you want to keep simple go with whisker bisket. but if octane is upgraded like they say now go with hostage because its easier on fletching. hostage pro is a great hunting rest just had brush issues. Later went to a limbsaver drop away on my marquis diamond.

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    I use the wb rest in the big alum hole size. I shoot carbon arrows with 2 inch bohning hunter blazer vanes. I found that I get the best flight and no ware on the rest by going to the larger hole size. I have had the rest on this bow for 3 years now. What I love about the rest is it is simple and nothing goes and screws up the shop. I own / operate a small archery pro shop for over 20 years. Last year a buddy had to have the other rest you wanted info on, well he keeps having to change the brushs, they ware out in a very shot while. He now has changed over to the WB. I also like the WB large alum hole sizwe as I shoot feather in 3 inch high back cut style for indoor and this size hole works just great for feathers ( no ware)

    I say to all archers use the kiss method on buying

    Keep it simple stupid.....kiss


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