I've been shooting a compound bow for around a year now. My dad used to work at a store with an indoor archery range, so I used to just go there and ask if I could just shoot one of the display bows that was around my size for a while. January of this year I got my own compound bow, and have been shooting that.

Anyway, I'm wanting to switch over to recurve shooting because I have more interest in that.

I was thinking of getting this riser: http://www.k1-archery.com/recurvebows/agulla.php

And these limbs: http://k1-archery.com/limbs/kapwood.php

Unfortunately, I have no idea if that's something for a beginner to recurve like myself, or if I should be looking elsewhere. So suggestions would be appreciated.

This is going to be a dumb question as well, but it's been bugging me for a while now. I see on stores archery equipment is usually listed as Right Hand or left hand. With a riser for example, if it's R/h does that mean I hold it in my right hand, or it's a right handed bow, so I'd be holding the grip in my left hand? I hope that made sense.

Thanks for the help in advance.