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    Lightbulb Isn't it amazing how good you shoot when..

    you find a bow that just feels perfect to you? I recently had a slightly older bow that I thought would be just fine for hunting,etc. but I couldnt shoot it worth a crap no matter what I did.

    Then I found me a steal on a '05 bowtech old glory (always liked the looks of them) but I had never had one of the 05 models. It took me like 1/2 hour to get it sighted in to 50 yds. and some of the arrows were touching.

    It is amazing to me what you can do with the "right" bow. I think the animals are going to be in trouble this year!

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    I know the feeling my brother..........4 arrows 50 yards.....I pulled the 4th one....My Apex7 has always felt goot but I just couldn't get comfortable with my Carter Hammer release cause of how big it was. Had a Carter Choc Lite and regretted selling it since the day I picked up another release. None of them felt as good til I found this Carter Just B Cuz....................Fits like a glove

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    Unhappy Some of us are still looking !

    My wife thinks that I've found that bow,and I only want a new bow for being notice . Claims I'm typing on " " only beating a deadhorse ,where I argue ,try to pick a fight ,rant on about my old bows so everyone here will feel sad for me ! Claims she'll hit me in the mouth so I can't cry to all of those ,who claim that they are happier and own newer bows than me ,here on this site !

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