How big is this deer???
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    Default How big is this deer???

    I have a question for you guys who have got some good whity bucks, been looking at, well trying to kill now at this buck for about 2 weeks, screwed up and missed him thursday night, but got a good look at him tonight, but no shot, anyways with his rear to me, when he was feeding, looked like his rack was about 3 or so inches wider then his ribcage, on each side. could see the hayfeild between his ribs and his his antlers. he looks to be a pretty good size body deer, hes a 4x4 with no junk and looks pretty heavy horned to me, and symetrical, up untill last year, ive mostly hunted mule deer, so dont really know how to judge this deer. But i personaly think hes a dandy, how wide do you guys think his rack might be??? ps if i cant arrow him, ill get the thunder stick out, would have alot more pride in it taking him with my bow though!!!

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    geez 50 veiws and no one has any ideas??

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    bullspotter,''Its hard too say I go by how far beyond the ears, but I would guess arounda plus 20"er if beyond the ribcage really hard too say, I have senn skinny deer with 24" speads, But too really find out stick him in the goodie box, and then let us all know how big he really is, good luck and shoot straight.

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