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Thread: advice needed

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    Default advice needed

    ok l have been shooting compound with release , but now its no fun no challenge, so l am taking up a recurve , now l need help! l am useing fingers but l am having big problem finding a aiming spot l can group 2 or 3 sometimes , next moment all over , any advice for someone starting out with a stick bow, don't like only to be half ass at anything l do so hopeing someone can give me a direction to go in,!
    thanks Joe

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    The best advice I can give you is practice, ALOT. Stay at closer ranges and work your groups down then move back as you get better. Your subconscious will have more to do with your accuracy than you'll ever really know (probably why I can't explain any better ).

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    The CD/video masters of the barebow, #3 is the latest and gets good reviews, covers many shooting styles.
    Rick Welch CD/video for more of a high anchor short distance type aiming method.
    I think you can find both on 3Rivers Archery web site.
    I don't know what kind or weight bow your trying, but don't be afraid to go light bow weight, and try a single pin if your bow has sight bushings, if not, tape on something like a toothpick for a pin. It's just something to gain you some consistancy untill repetition takes over.
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