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    Default You guys are crazy

    Man All my life all i have ever dreamed of is working for a company that has outdoor shows and has the sponsered hunts and spend 99.9 percent of there working life outdoors in gods most wonderfull wilderness. Im still looking for that change of a life time career change and would do whaatever it takes to be in the position of guys like Micheal Waldel (The Bomb) or the guys on Dream Season , or anything that has to do with working for a living outdoors and loving it.. Im 23 years old and my pasion for the outdoors is what drives me, if i worked for one of those corporations i would most definantly use anything they ask me to use even if it was junk i would still make the best out of it!!!!!! If anyone knows any connections please let me know........ LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST AND HUNT WITH A PASSION THAT DRIVES YOU!!!!!! BOWFISHER08

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slippy View Post
    As long as I didn't have to shoot Bowtech or Slick Tricks, I'd do just about anything.

    Speaking of, I was sitting there Sunday watching that one guy, and I kept thinking, wow, he gets to hunt some GREAT places. Even I could kill some trophies where he (David Blanton) hunts.

    Just gotta watch out for those gusts of wind... ...eh Slip

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    If they paid me enough I would shoot anything.
    Be good or be good at it.

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    I was on a archery shop TV commercial once, Like I told DB this past weekend offer this boy A BABY RUTH & A 6pk of bud I'll be there (cheap date)

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    I probably would use a product that wasn't my favorite so long as it was a good product. I wouldn't do it just to be on tv, but if the hunt was a cool hunt I would for that.

    Now, I couldn't stand up and say great things about a product that wasn't really great though.

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    lets see money, deer, new stuff, awsome hunting spots, camera guy gettin all the good stuff, i go to work every day and end up using materials that i think are junk but to the customers they love it (construction). so hell yeah i will get paid for hunting with your rig or mine!!! when im off the clock ill pick up my rig and do my thing until its time to go get another monster on tv.

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