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    Default Indoor arrows for FITA 18m

    Hi, from Spain.

    Sorry if my english is not good. I,ll try to explain my questions as well as i can!

    I want to take some indoor shafts to make some arrows for the indoor season ( shooting to target spot FITA 18m). But i,m not sure what shaft i must to take. Can you help me with this?

    I shot a Hoyt Helix with TX990 limbs. My bow weight for indoor is 41 - 41,5 lbs and the arrow lenght is 27,5" (or 28" if the clicker lets me fit that ). In the Easton Arrow selection Chart i am in T5 or T6 group. So i could take the X7 Eclipse 1914 or 2014, and the Fatboy 500. Maybe i could take the X7 Eclipse 2114 ( with a heavy point).

    My questions are:

    1- What shaft i must to take? What arrow works better for me?Tha options are X7 2014 (with 80 or 100 grans point), a X7 2114 with 150 grains pro point or a Fatboy 500 with a 140-150 grains pro point.

    2 - Could i have tunning problems with these configurations?

    3- Feathers in 4 or 5"?

    4 - Best tuning method for indoor arrows?

    Thank you for all. I hope donīt be a pain in your neck.

    Best regards.


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    Welcom to We welcom your questions. However, you will have better luck with this question over on the AT FITA forum than here. Almost everyone here shoots compound bows.

    Also, this is a 3D forum. While many of us shoot indoor, the primary focus is on 3D.

    We don't mean to be unfriendly, but there are better places to get good answers to your questions.

    question for you: Do you have any 3D compitition in Spain?


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