Put a deposit on a new noise maker....
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    Default Put a deposit on a new noise maker....

    Well I finally decided on what new rifle to get and put a deposit on it.....

    Remington 700SPS- in .308
    Simmons Aetec 3-10X44

    Lets see um get back up from this!!!!!

    Lay down and die mister deer......

    Went to see an old gun dealer freind and he saved me a but load, I saved enough buying the gun from him to afford the little bit better optics (I like Simmons for the money) and still have money left over......I would have payed about $200 more if I had bought the same set up at Gander Mountain.....
    I should have known, I have been buying guns from him for about 15 years and he has always done good by me.....
    I cut things up and split them down!

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    Kewl, bought myself a new Browning Medallion A-Bolt in 30.06 awhile back. Almost afraid to take it into the woods. Such a purty thing and shoots just awesome. Congrats Bowman
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    last gun i bought was a reminton 700 Lss in a 300 ultra mag, topped it with a leupold vx3 4.5x14. super nice gun, shoots great for a big 30. havent got to hunt with it much due to the hoyt filling the freezer the last few years!!

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    I'm in the market myself, just can't make a decision on what. Been lookin' at the TC Encore really hard, but I also Would like a nice bolt action. .308, .270, 25-06? SOOOO many decisions

    Just have to get that 3rd job I guess

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    Default looking at 2 cals

    Well, I'm looking at two different calibers right now.... The Marlin 44 mag. lever action, and a Browning A Bolt in 325 wsm..... Now that sounds like way to much for deer to me, but I'm going bear hunting too.... Give your opinions and thoughts here.... I had a Browning A Bolt II in 270 and maybe should have just kept it..... But, I thought it might be a little weak for a bear if I mis-shoot him, and piss him off... I don't even want to think of that one....... I have also toyed with a 12ga. and use slugs.... Anyhow, let me know...

    CHEERS !!!!
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    Well if evrey thing goes as planned I will be picking it up tomorrow at 10 am.

    Sold a little fire wood this weekend and was able to come up w/ the rest.....

    I really cant wait....this is going to be a good season I think......
    I cut things up and split them down!

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