We just got back from the new and upcoming MBH State shoot.
We joined the MBH after seeing how they are trying to really put on a high quality 3D shoot this year.
The folks running it this year did a great job
The new format really was great only 1 more change and I believe they will be back in the game.
Maybe Change from a 2 day have to shoot both, to a 2 day shoot and shoot either day and only score 1 day.
With the cost of rooms and travel this would allow many more shooters to compete at the state 3D
I saw a lower turn out at this shoot
For some reason it was put on the ASA Classic shoot and the Columbia shoot so folks had to pick then sat am the rain didnít help and that really hurt them
I know we wonít see any negative response to this yearís State shoot like in the past
Keep up the great work and it will come back fast
Tim Brownell
ASA Missouri State Director