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    Default mech broadhead trouble

    i'm not writing this to badmouth any one company, particularly one here in the U.S., but heres what happened. my regular archery shop is closed on sunday, so i went to gander mt and bought a 3 pk of mech broadheads for 34.95. took them home to try out. 1st shot was a little lower than my field tips, but i figured it might just be me. 2nd shot was closer but the blades didn't open. 3rd shot only 1 blade opened. 4th shot, no blades opened. took them back to gm, had thier tech shoot 1 and the same thing happened. i exchanged them for a different brand. shot those and everything was fine. i understand that every thing that is mass-produced puts out a lemon now and then,so i'm just offering a little advice. when you buy any kind of mechs, take a few shots at the shop just to make sure everything is all right.

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    Just go buy some Rage broadheads and be happy. Shoot like field points and cut holes like nothing you have ever seen.
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