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    Default I need some advice

    I have just started shooting compound bows and I have a Browning Micro Adrenaline. I am waiting to get my release in the mail and in the meantime I was hoping some more experienced shooters could give me some advice on where to get some descent targets and backstops

    any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated

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    Talking Targets

    Most will tell you to buy A Block, Merrell or Black Hole type target, and they are okay but can get a little pricey. My very first target I had ever bought was one of the Pillow type targets, it lasted for many years. Cabelas sells one for around $29.00 bucks. You will only be able to use feild points with this type target. For shooting broadheads there some good choices there also. Check out the stores in your area, many are having Archery Expo sales right now! good Luck!

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    thanks for the information ill look arund and see what I can find
    appreciate the help

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    Default Morrell Yellow jacket is a good bag target

    Quote Originally Posted by steve#38 View Post
    thanks for the information ill look arund and see what I can find
    appreciate the help
    Very affordable. If your on a budget. You can buy a replacement cover from Morrell and stuff it with jeans and rags and make your own for a good price. I have one hanging in my garage and shoot it all the time. Here a picture of the Morrell outdoor range bag. Bag replacement is less than $20.00
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    Morrell yellow bag target. I was going through 3 or 4 layered targets a year once I started shooting every day. My bag has lasted over 6 mo. already. I recovered it a month ago. New covers sell for about $15. I think I paid $45 or so for the bag. Morrell also sells a good broadhead target.

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