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Thread: A Real Hero

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    james pennell is a callaway county mo man who is a true hero. on june 17 2009 he saw a child in danger and acted quickly and selflessly. he pushed a 2yo out of the path of an oncoming car,saving the childs life. unfortunately james was struck by the car and is hospitalized with extensive injuries. he is expected to recover fully, but faces several surgeries and a long recovery. james and his wife andrea are avid archers and love the outdoors. they are the parents of three children mikayla 6, kyle 3, and a new baby born on july 28th. there is a benefit 3d shoot on august 16th at the owl creek gun club in millersburg mo sign up from 7am to noon with all proceeds donated to james. for more info contact dennis dudley 573-808-5593, jeff davis 573-826-0968, john mcgrath 573-642-6447 come show your support

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    Can you get a paypal address for us that can't get to the shoot, we can still donate an entry fee.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntelk View Post

    Can you get a paypal address for us that can't get to the shoot, we can still donate an entry fee.
    I 2nd that question.

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    working on it for ya

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    Here is where to send any donations

    Millersburg Archery Club
    2301 Ridgewater Dr
    Columbia MO 65202

    OR Paypal
    Non service and there is no fee
    Account is
    Thank you all for your help

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