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    Default shooting down hill :(

    so we have really hilly ish land hardly any of it is flat. anyways im shooting down hill only problem you cant really sight it in correctly. if u take the slant its probably a 2 foot drop is there anything i can do besides shooting some where else lol. to correctly sight it in or do i pretty much have to go some where that i can actually shoot flat lol.
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    Personaly, I don't worry much about a 2' drop, but I'm a bowhunter. I shoot target and 3D for fun and to sharpen my skills for hunting. If the decline is enough to make my bow arm drop more than a few inches, I hold my form and bend forward at the waist instead, like I do in my treestand.

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    Why don't you turn around and shoot into the "hill", setting your sight-in target level with you. Then after you have sighted in your bow (and you), if your target is significantly above or below you, you can allow for drop or rise in elevation by "calculating" what the real horizontal distance is to a real target. If you target is only 2' higher or lower, then I would hold on target as there would be little difference at impact point, unless the distance is quite long.

    Example: If the drop, or rise, to the target is 30 and the distance ranged to the target is 30 yds, the "horizontal" distance would be ~26 yds. Hold for 26 yds on your aim, bending at the waste as noted above by J. Blay.

    For 20 yds, the horizontal distance would be ~17 yds, for 40 yds, ~35 yds, and for 50 yds, ~43 yds
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    i always aim low on uphill or downhill shots

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