Before you know it is August, 2009 already.

Like this time of every year, Firenock owners, you need new batteries as their shelf life are only 13 months even if you do not use it! Yes, the life is short for these batteries, but they are the only one I know of that can work in -17F! So, this is what you can do to get a new set of batteries dated 7/31/2009 (we are talking right off the factory in a few days ago, my friends).

I am asking those who have not done reviews on Firenock to tell me and the world what they think of the product. How they like it, hate it, what can be improved, etc. Just honest opinion and observation please. Please send the review to and post it here. When I got them, I shall send you a pack of Firenock battery for your effort value at $9.95 plus shipping or $14.95 if you pay for it at our web store.

The rule is that make sure you are not one of the reviewer on our press material's page/independent reviews already. This offer is good for the first 30 reviews. This offer will be posted in many sites, so act fast, only the first 30 reviews to me get the free batteries. I shall post again to let you know I got all 30.