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    Default antelope and a monster

    Today antelope season opened today in wyoming. One of our local guys shot a nice buck antelope. Shot taken with monster around 75 yrds. Almost a clean pass through and severed spine shot. Shooting a rage broadhead. Antelope didn't go far. This bow is shooting around 325fps when he checked it on chrono with his arrows today. He likes the monster bow but he said it took a lot to get it to shoot like it suppose to. His normal bow is a adrenalin bow. Just an impresive shot and penetration with a modern bow. I shoot a bowtech but these new modern bows when set up are impressive.

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    Default Elite Gt500

    Is a smooth drawing bow.

    Plenty fast as well.

    Nice to have that speed today if one can control the shot.
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    The Monster is a awesome bow as long as the person using it is not over -bowed, One of the keys to a quicker tune especially when playing with broadheads is to use a stiffer spine arrow then what you think is needed.

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    I'm shooting a Rytera Alien-X with a NAP Hellrazer tipped 378gr ACC @ 325fps. The arrows fly great out to 70 yards so far. High speed setups will keep you honest with your form or you'll pay the price big time down range.
    I'm holding really nice groups around 5-6" at 70 yards with broadheads. I got a little sloppy at 30 yards and shot 10" high. Not much room for sloppy form with high speeds.
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